Size matters: EHS salaries depend on...

...more insights from ISHN's annual White Paper reader survey

January 2, 2013

State of the EHS Nation-

Exclusive results from ISHN’s 28th annual White Paper Reader Survey.

corporations$100,001+    26%

$75,001-$100,000   21%

$50,000 - $75,000   33%

Less than $50,000   20%


Mean = $80,173.58

Median = $75,000

Employee-size matters…

38% of EHS pros at sites with 500+ employees have salaries $100K+

5% of pros at these large sites have salaries less than $50K

24% of pros at sites with less than 100 employees have $100K+ salaries

(many of these are probably EHS consultants)

18% of pros at these sites make less than $50K

44% of pros at sites with 100-500 employees earn $50K - $75K