Safety Training That Delivers: How to Design and Present Better Technical Training

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By Sheila Cantonwine

Have you ever attended a safety training class only to find that it soon puts you to sleep? It's probably not that the instructor doesn't know the material or isn't qualified; more than likely the information wasn't presented in an interesting and effective way that stimulated you to learn. With this workbook from ASSE, you will learn techniques for creating and delivering effective safety training courses by:

  • Describing what constitutes an effective or ineffective training class
  • Understanding the adult learning process
  • Conducting a training needs assessment
  • Developing evaluations to use in training sessions
  • Addressing various intervention techniques
  • Developing curricula pertinent to the participants' needs.

The author, who has trained over 15,000 people on many different subjects and in various settings, has written this workbook incorporating many different exercises to reinforce the learning concepts—making it interactive and unique. It can also be used to facilitate a workshop with other trainers.

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