Construction Safety Management and Engineering, 2nd Edition


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The new second edition of this ASSE best seller contains 38 chapters written by 42 contributors, and features new chapters on: Ladders, Ergonomics, and Construction Safety & Health through Design. Changes to the OSHA Construction Standard and other referenced Standards were made throughout, while five chapters were extensively revised: Insurance and Risk Management, Planning by Prevention and Design, Steel Erection, Industrial Hygiene, and Environmental Impacts. Written by construction safety experts and peer reviewed, the text focuses on best practices in hazard prevention, safe design, and recognition, assessment and control of physical and biological hazards and environmental impacts. The many illustrations throughout make the book useful for training, whether toolbox talks or classroom instruction.

Construction Safety Management and Engineering is unique in its range of in-depth construction-related coverage, from insurance and risk management programs, safety training, prejob and pretask planning, electrical safety, ergonomics, and workzone safety/traffic control. There are a number of chapters of special interest including: Substance Abuse Programs for Construction Sites, Incident Investigation, and Safety and Your Spanish-Speaking Workforce.

The new edition is an excellent resource for those new to construction safety as well as experienced safety professionals looking for an in depth reference.

 "This book has value for both the undergraduate and graduate level construction safety course. At the undergraduate level, Part I Before the Work Commences provides a great introduction to construction safety as well as risk management and the costs associated with construction accidents. Part IV, Technical Issues, will also provide the undergraduate a fundamental understanding of the recognition, evaluation and control of common construction hazards. For the graduate student, Part II and III provide the necessary knowledge to develop and implement a safety management system with a critical focus on prejob planning as well as construction safety and health through design.”

Dr. Lon Ferguson, CSP, CFPS
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"This reference handbook is well balanced, well organized, thorough, complete and accurate. Dr. Darryl Hill has done a very nice job of organizing and producing such a monumental publication and assembling nothing but the best in all of the authors. Anyone who has construction safety responsibilities should have this book on their library shelf!"

Dr. Joel M. Haight, Ph.D., P.E., CSP
University of Pittsburgh

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