Out Of The Box: Skills For Developing Your Own Career Path


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In the new 2010 updated edition of Out of the Box, former ASSE President Mark Hansen focuses on the personal and professional skills in demand among SH&E professionals.  As with the best career advice, Mark’s insights and shared experiences will make the reader more aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses and as well as others’ perceptions. Mr. Hansen makes the case for everyone developing and maintaining a five-year career plan. With candor and, occasionally, self-deprecating humor he provides insights on how to recognize and even create opportunities that lead to personal and professional satisfaction and for career advancement. Mark also provides a “360” view of the impact SH&E decisions can have on a company’s bottom line, and how to improve that impact. Whether you are looking for a safety, health or environmental position, feeling insecure and worried you might be let go, or have reached a career dead end and want to advance, Out of the Box, will provide fresh insights and perspectives to guide you on your own career path.

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