Construction Safety Management and Engineering


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Construction Safety Management and Engineering

Darryl C. Hill, CSP, Editor

Construction Safety Management and Engineering provides a comprehensive discussion in the field of construction safety for both new and veteran construction and engineering safety practitioners. Readers are offered an integrated view of the knowledge base, research, and practice of construction engineering safety within a context of multiple perspectives and a wide range of thinking and experience.

Each chapter facilitates and inspires the reader in the process of building a strong foundation on which to sustain his or her educational career. The focus is in proven principles and best practices intended to improve a company’s construction safety process. Chapters include learning objectives and questions to facilitate the academic environment. Questions are designed to model and encourage readers in the development of critical thinking and supported analysis of key issues. They also allow the reader to compare their experience to that of noted experts and professors in the field. A number of nationally noted academicians and safety professionals from leading institution and progressive companies have provided original expert reflections on critical topics within each chapter.

Students will gain a solid understanding of the multiple facets of this dynamic discipline.

Anyone interested in construction safety and its effects on students will find here a useful reference book and guide to understanding a very complex subject. Above all, this book will provide a template on how to design an effective safety process at a construction. This book is a powerful resource for professional development focused on conquering the SH&E challenges of the 21st Century.

Darryl C. Hill is Director of Safety and Health for ABB Inc., Auburn Hills, MI. He is the Vice President of ASSE Region VII and has held various offices at the practice specialty and chapter level. Mr. Hill is a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership at Oakland University where he is an adjunct faculty member teaching Construction Safety and Environmental Standards.

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