Comprehensive Practice Exam Study Guide, 2009 edition


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By Hamid R. Kavianian, Ph.D., CSP

California State University, Long Beach

Completely revised, the new Comprehensive Practice Examination Study Guide contains over 700 questions in all three Domains of the BCSP CSP certification examination:

  • Collecting Safety, Health, Environmental, and Security Risk Information
  • Assessing Safety, Health, Environmental, and Security Risk
  • Managing Safety, Health, Environmental, and Security Risk

 All computational questions have worked solutions. The number of questions in each domain is proportionate to those on the actual examination, as specified in the BCSP’s “Comprehensive Practice Examination Guide” Fifth Edition. The Comprehensive Practice Examination Study Guide,™ available only through ASSE, has been used by many candidates for the CSP certification examination.  This Edition provides candidates with many different examples of the types of questions they should expect on the Examination.

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