Investigative Photography

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By John Wenzel

Competence in investigative photography is a skill necessary for the EHS professional. This book contains strategies the aspiring professional can use to develop and exercise the skills necessary to be a competent investigative photographer without having to spend years accumulating experience. Each chapter introduces important concepts relevant to the development and maintenance of an investigative photography program and the skills necessary to produce professional results. Ownership and control of photographic materials are examined in the context of current laws. Examples of the types of relationships EHS professionals can establish to control photograph ownership are provided, and methods for protecting proprietary use of photographs are covered. Also reviewed are procedures that support the investigative photographer’s role and promote credibility and expertise. Specific procedures and techniques for evidence collection by investigative photographers are reviewed with emphasis on the preparation required to present photography in legal proceedings. Methods are provided for developing a portfolio of work designed to establish the professional as a credible expert in the use of photography for investigation.

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