New York City Fire Department uniformed EMS members have a new wardrobe. FDNY emergency crews have received all new gear that includes advanced, high-tech bunker-style coats, pants, boots and gloves, and reflects the expanded role that EMS personnel could play in responses to bioterrorism, hazmat and other emergency incidents in the city.

Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced the PPE funding at the city's EMS Medal Day ceremony, noting that the weather-resistant gear would provide protection against bloodborne pathogens, flash fires, and common chemicals. The gear began arriving last month and is now fully in service.

Morning Pride Manufacturing, Dayton, Ohio, won a contract to provide nearly 3,000 New York firefighters with new personal protective equipment. Company president and CEO Bill Grilliot, himself an active captain in a suburban Dayton fire department, explained that the new bunker gear is more breathable and provides greater protection than the coats currently worn by EMS personnel.