“At the Kimberly-Clark Northfleet Mill ‘health & safety’ is very much in evidence from the moment you set foot on the site. It is also very much an issue that is foremost in the mind of every operative throughout the plant and one that has recently been improved upon by the installation of ACI’s Jetblack that is used for removing tissue debris from personnel clothing,” says Facilities Manager, Bob Ramsey.

At Northfleet, the production of toilet tissue is a moist and dusty operation and minute paper/tissue particles settle on personnel. Removal of such production debris is necessary before entering the Crew Rooms, where lunch etc is taken, and other 'clean rooms'

“Initially, we commissioned a ‘Blow Down Booth’” added Mill Safety Manager, Brian Glover, “but before it was finished we purchases an ACI portable Jetblack. Trials in the worst area of mill proved its effectiveness, resulting in wide acceptance by all employees and subsequent installation of five additional units.”

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