Curated by Stewards of Safety™, Fallen Worker is a place to find stories from all over the country about serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Fallen Worker raises awareness of this national tragedy by sharing news about American workers dying on the job. For the first edition of Memorial Magazine, we focus on the observance of the April 28th Workers Memorial Day, our inspiration for this publication.

  • The tragic story of Nampa, ID man who was crushed by a 50,000 pound steel beam.
  • Details of an Alaskan power plant electrical accident that seriously injured one worker.
  • Two stories on the death of a 20 year-old man in the North Dakota oil fields.

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For this 2nd edition of Fallen Worker, our cover story relates to death of camera assistant Sarah Jones, who was struck by debris from a passing train while filming the movie Midnight Rider. While the circumstances surrounding her death are still under investigation by OSHA, there are some troubling details suggesting the death may have been entirely preventable, and that specific industry safety precautions were forgone.

Elsewhere in Fallen Worker:

  • Man, caught in machinery, seriously injured in accident at chicken plant, Columbia, SC.
  • The death of a Lowe’s employee killed in a workplace accident.
  • An employee for 32 years with the same company, man dies after being struck by pipe.

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