Thought LeadershipI was in Atlanta last week for a conference and was having breakfast off the lobby area. The omelet man who was nearby was doing what he does nearly every morning.  At a glance, I saw that he started talking to a young woman who was getting breakfast to go. The omelet man was obviously attracted and he quickly moved the conversation from small talk to asking for her number.  He wasted no time and it made for some hilarious banter between the three of us. Really funny stuff! Our parting comments revolved around the fact that you have to move quickly, through tight windows, whenever the opportunity presents. And so it is when we have opportunities to influence the attitudes and actions of others. 

Never pass on opportunities to correct and redirect at-risk behaviors. Always look for ways to reinforce and confirm safe actions. Don't miss opportunities to collaborate and clarify why working safely is so important and relate your communications through stories and your company's values. 

We often miss opportunities of influence because we feel the window is too tight. We fear rejection or some form of deflection because we don't feel comfortable talking about safety on a particular occasion. Your people want to hear from you when you're being genuine and helpful. Don't look away - walk through every window of opportunity and coach them up.