ErgodyneErgodyne announced today the launch of a new hydration accessory to the Chill-Its®Line of Cooling Gear: the Chill-Its® 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump. Compatible with all Chill-Its® Hydration Packs, the hydration pump draws water from the hydration pack, creating a quick, pressurized stream of water.

"Workers using hydration packs on the job are usually far from a clean water source," said Alsie Nelson, senior product specialist, Ergodyne. "The folks in the trenches can now use the water on their backs for more than just drinking - this turns the hydration pack into a multi-use product for multiple heat stress needs."

The Chill-Its® 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump can be used for multiple applications including cleaning hands, face, and equipment; activating cooling products; and hydrating without placing one’s mouth on the hydration pack bite valve. After each use, the pump self-seals eliminating drips while the valve cover keeps debris and dirt off the valve.

"Hydration is incredibly important in combatting heat stress," said Tom Votel, CEO and president of Ergodyne. "Adding this accessory shows our continued commitment to creating innovative solutions for workers trying to beat the heat."

Ideal for those in need of water on the go, the Chill-Its® 5158 Hydration Pack Pressure Pump is available NOW at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information on where to buy, visit or call 800.225.8238 // +1 651.642.9889.

Key Features

  • FDA food grade silicone body
  • Elastic strap and ribbed bulb for secure grip
  • Valve cover keeps debris off bulb tip
  • Easy to apply
  • Self-seals after each use to eliminate drips
  • Compatible with all Ergodyne Hydration Packs
  • Accessory piece, sold separately
  • About Ergodyne

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