Engineers, consultants, company owners, concrete producers and contractors can learn about effective ways to manage cracks and mitigate shrinkage in a World of Concrete presentation entitled: Innovations in Concrete: Crack Reduction & 3D Printing of Construction Materials.

Attendees will learn about the industrialization of the 3D printing process for construction materials and see case study project examples where shrinkage reducing / compensating admixtures were successfully utilized. Presentations will contain technical content and focus on idea exchange, providing attendees a unique opportunity to share concerns and opportunities related to innovations in concrete crack reduction.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Shrinkage and cracking phenomena of concrete
  • Traditional and innovative crack & shrinkage mitigation techniques
  • New test method for measuring length change of concrete
  • Benefits of utilizing fibers to replace conventional steel reinforcement and extend/eliminate joint spacing
  • 3D printing of construction materials

Some other presentations at World of Concert:

Specification LIVE!, which covers best practices, current specifications and product applications for commercial construction, with topics that include moisture protection, coatings, resiliency, anchoring and fasteners.

Nondestructive Testing: Advanced Methods for Evaluation of Concrete will be a two-day workshop that combines presentations and demonstrations detailing basic concrete science and the principles of methods available for the evaluation of concrete structures. Discussions will focus on understanding how these evaluation methods work and how they should be applied; in addition to recognizing the limitations of each.