The new MK:440 Noise Sensor LITE is an entry-level device that has been added to Cirrus’ growing range of environmental monitors, all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Its robust and weatherproof casing is ideal for outdoor noise monitoring, whilst its monitoring technology converts measured noise levels into decibels and provides a standard electrical output suitable for integration with various process systems, including SCADA and DCS.  

It is ideal for anyone who works in industries such as aviation, mining or construction by integrating easily with existing environmental systems such as a PLC platform that monitors environmental conditions such as dust, temperature or weather. 

“The MK:440 will integrate into any PLC system, making the addition of noise monitoring to your operation very easy, simple, and cost-effective,” said Cirrus Marketing Manager Antony Towle. “There's no need to learn a whole new interface or set of operations. Simply plug the noise sensor into your existing PLC system, set it up, and start monitoring. 

He added: “Its compact design will also appeal to operators who work outdoors as it can be deployed almost anywhere discreetly and securely. Thanks to the seamless integration into existing PLC systems there are no additional displays or controls to master or monitor either - it outputs the sound level as an electrical current, which is then interpreted as a decibel level by your existing PLC – so simple.”

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