ASSE’s Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) on Sunday honored 100 women in safety from around the world for making a difference in occupational safety, health and the environment. Women such as Frances Perkins, the first woman Secretary of Labor, who was an eyewitness to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. Also honored: Terrie Norris, a self-proclaimed tomboy and daredevil growing up who is ASSE’s incoming president; Margaret Carroll, ASSE’s first woman president (1995); and Kathy Seabrook, who started her own company, Global Solutions, Inc. to assist multinational firms with managing safety and health globally.

No “Aha” moment

Terrie Norris’s career path to professional safety is a familiar story for many safety pros. Terrie didn’t start out wanting to be a safety professional; she wanted to be an accountant when she was younger. There wasn’t an “aha” moment when Terrie decided that she would dedicate her professional life to the safety of others. She just fell in love with the safety profession from the time she was first introduced to it as a safety & training associate, a job she took to the pay the bills while in school.

Terrie has had a varied career like many in the EHS field. She has worked in industry and as a consultant. Currently, in her job, she works with a group of cities to reduce their workers’ compensation and liability losses.