Benko Products Protect-O-Gate Clear-AisleBenko Products, Inc., a leading innovator in material handling and safety products, is proud to announce that its Protect-O-Gate “Clear-Aisle” Mezzanine Safety Gate features a revolutionary design that requires only 10 inches of floor space when closed at the mezzanine ledge. The “Clear-Aisle” safety gate features a double-gate design and three-sided load access to ensure constant fall protection in the tightest spaces without sacrificing productivity.

The Protect-O-Gate “Clear-Aisle” Mezzanine Safety Gate reduces the potential for falls and other accidents associated with mezzanines and loading areas. These OSHA-compliant safety gates are counterbalanced for ergonomic, easy manual operation. Optional powered operation includes remote controls, safety features and simple installation. These units can be easily customized to accommodate various load and space restrictions.

Shipped partially assembled for easy installation, standard single- and double-pallet models are painted safety-yellow and are also available in either a corrosion-resistant finish or stainless steel.

To view videos demonstrating the safety and convenience of Protect-O-Gate “Clear-Aisle” Mezzanine Safety Gates, go to www.benkoproducts/protect-o-gate-clear-aisle-safety-gate-videos.html, or click here.

For more information on the Protect-O-Gate “Clear-Aisle” Mezzanine Safety Gate, contact Benko Products, Inc. at (440) 934-2180 or go to

About Benko Products, Inc.

Benko Products, Inc. is a privately held company based out of Sheffield Village, OH.  Benko Products was founded in 1983 by pioneer John Benko, the inventor of many breakthrough products such as the Sahara Hot Box drum warming oven, the G-Raff Elevating Tank Truck platform, and the Protect-O-Gate line of mezzanine safety gates. Benko Products’ leading product lines include drum and tote warming ovens, industrial ovens, mezzanine safety gates, and chemical storage systems. Benko Products also manufactures the GREEN Access & Fall Protection product line, which it acquired in 2004, supplying a complete line of access solutions in both Tank Truck and Railcar applications.