Vendor NewsEssex Industries has developed a new brochure which covers their complete line of Emergency Breathing Equipment.  The brochure includes a handy Smoke Hood Comparison Chart as well as Specifications and Ordering Information for the different models.

The Emergency Breathing Equipment Brochure features a wide range of products including: the SCU (Self-Contained Unit), a lightweight, portable device that provides up to 60 minutes of protection on private aircraft; the PBE (Protective Breathing Equipment), a device widely used by commercial airlines to supply oxygen to crewmembers in the event of an emergency; and the VRU+ (Victim Rescue Unit Plus), a protective breathing system which protects against smoke, toxic fumes, chemical spills and deadly gases.

Essex Industries is a leading supplier to the Aerospace and Defense market, providing platform controls, aircraft components and liquid oxygen systems for life support and ground support systems. For more information on Essex products, visit