Terrell's Potato Chip Co. Inc. faces $115,500 in OSHA fines after being cited for 23 violations of workplace safety standards at its manufacturing plant in Syracuse, NY. The inspection was conducted under the agency's Site-Specific Targeting program.

"The sizable fines proposed here are the result of finding new and recurring hazards, such as exposing workers to amputations, fire and obstructed emergency exits, which could lead to serious injury," said Christopher Adams, OSHA's Syracuse area director. "It's not enough to correct hazards. For the safety and well-being of its workers, an employer also must take effective steps to ensure that hazards, once corrected, don't reappear."

The inspection identified several hazards similar to those cited during a 2009 OSHA inspection. The employer failed to ensure guarding on the operating parts of machinery, including a fryer, a peeler and packaging equipment; train workers on the unintended startup of machinery; secure stacked materials from collapsing or sliding; remove damaged electrical parts from service; and keep work areas clean and orderly. These conditions resulted in the company being cited for nine repeat violations, carrying $70,840 in proposed fines.

Additional hazards include a locked exit door; blocked exit access; exit lighting not working properly; missing guardrails; fire extinguishers not fully charged; unlabeled containers of hazardous chemicals; an unsecured liquefied petroleum gas container; and several electrical hazards. These led to citations for 14 serious violations with $44,660 in fines.