J. J. Keller Lockout/Tagout training programCompliance with the lockout/tagout standard prevents an estimated 122 fatalities and over 60,000 injuries each year, according to OSHA. Companies can comply with the requirements and help avoid lockout/tagout-related injuries and fatalities at their facilities by using J. J. Keller’s new Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy training program.

The program provides initial and refresher training to help employees understand proper lockout/tagout procedures so they can put what they’ve learned into practice. It outlines different types of hazardous energy and energy isolating devices, explains OSHA’s definition of “lockout” and “tagout” and when each should be used, and defines the roles and responsibilities of three types of employees (Authorized, Affected, and Other).

In addition to covering all requirements for a typical lockout/tagout process, the main program covers five exceptions and special lockout/tagout situations common to many workplaces, including cord and plug exception, single energy source exception, temporary testing and positioning exception, shift changes, and removing lockout/tagout when the authorized employee is not around. Additional video segments cover less common, more complex lockout/tagout procedures.

“It’s all too easy to become injured or killed by not following lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures,” said Judie Smithers, J. J. Keller editor, workplace safety. “That’s why effective training is so important. Employees need to know how to recognize circumstances requiring LOTO. A solid understanding of LOTO procedures makes workers less likely to take short-cuts or skip LOTO in dangerous situations.”

Lockout/Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy DVD program includes a 30-minute video, one trainer guide, 11 employee handbooks, one awareness poster, and one trainer tools CD-ROM. The trainer tools CD-ROM contains electronic elements that trainers can download or print, use as is or customize with company-specific information, or copy into PowerPoint® presentations: energy control (lockout/tagout) procedures, §1910.147 The Control of Hazardous Energy Regulatory Text, case studies, quizzes with answer keys, PowerPoint presentation, posters, clipart, a training log, and a certificate of completion.

The program is available with J. J. Keller’s new EyeCue™ Visual Learning System — which uses a simple, effective three?step process to enhance employee retention of training: Train, Identify, Reinforce. Visit JJKeller.com/EyeCue to learn more.

The program is also available in Pay Per View and Online course formats. Spanish versions of the DVD and Pay Per View programs will be available in December. For more information, visit JJKeller.com/108961 or call 800-327-6868.

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