Wells Lamont Industrial Touchscreen Cut Resistant GloveWells Lamont Industrial, a worldwide leader and US manufacturer of hand and arm protection, introduces its Touchscreen Cut Resistant Glove. Worn alone or as a liner underneath or on top of nitrile or latex gloves, it is the first glove of its kind to offer high cut resistance while also enabling users to work on a variety of touchscreen devices. The ultra-light construction further provides bare hand dexterity and superior tactile sensitivity.

“We developed the Touchscreen Glove in response to market demand,” says Kim O'Leary, Director of Marketing, Wells Lamont Industrial. “The use of technology and touchscreen devices has increased throughout the cleanroom, electronics, labs, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries. Having the ability to keep hands protected while switching between application and device is critical.”

The MT130 Touchscreen ANSI 4 Cut Resistant Glove can also be laundered- extending the total cost of ownership. It also meets Category II using the Helmke Drum Test referenced in IEST –RP-CC003.3, making the MT130 suitable for certain cleanroom applications.  The touchscreen capability is made possible by the patent pending yarn manufactured by Wells Lamont Industrial. Sold by the dozen pair, the glove is ambidextrous and available in sizes ranging from XS to XL.

“The ability to launder this glove not only extends its value but also gives users greater hand protection time and time again,” says O'Leary. “Our manufacturing process and focus on hand and arm protection further ensures customers receive top-of-line products and services.”

For general information or to obtain a sample, contact Wells Lamont Industrial directly via email: marketing@wellslamont.com, or by phone: 1-800-247-3295.