JJ KellerOne of the fastest-growing industries in the world — oil and gas drilling — is also one of the most dangerous. The unique hazards, regulations and industry standards can be overwhelming, which is why J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc., has brought its expertise to that market with five new solutions.

"Workers in the oil and gas industry face intense hazards on a daily basis," said Mark Stromme, editor for industrial markets publishing at J. J. Keller. "We created these products to assist our customers in this unique line of work so they can protect their employees and stay compliant."

In addition to a compliance manual for safety managers that outlines oil- and gas-specific regulatory and best practice information, several handbooks and a training program help safety managers provide their employees with the most accurate training and compliance information available. These solutions provide both general workers and drivers with a wide range of topics and information that apply to specific roles both on and off drilling sites, including OSHA standards, EPA guidelines and DOT regulations, along with safety topics.

"The oil and gas industry can’t use simple one-size-fits-all safety and compliance products," said Greg Michael, senior product development manager. "And since that industry has very critical and specific needs, our experts have immersed themselves in the regulations, topics, guidelines and culture for the most accurate and useful set of solutions anywhere."

Visit jjkeller.com/104228 for a full list of products along with the latest regulatory news and other helpful industry-specific resources and documents.

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