Web ExclusiveThe week of March 16-20th, at the free online VITALITY conference, consultants working with leading businesses, including Amazon, HP, Google, BMW and FedEx, will show why investing in emotional intelligence increases productivity. These experts in emotional intelligence have teamed up with major companies to enhance employee engagement and organizational vitality.

This interactive event will feature more than 75 webinars with thought leaders in the business, science, education and psychology. It is open to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

Last year's online conference featured 20,000 discreet sign ups by participants. The event offers real-time interaction with leaders and innovators in business, science, education, and psychology.

Here are some highlights of the five-day, five-themed conference:

Monday March 16: Focus and Complexity
How can we maintain clarity and focus in complex times?

Psychologist Relly Nadler and author of Leading with Emotional Intelligence, will explore how to avoid brain drain in organizations. Certified Coach Robert Chender will demonstrate the Search Inside Yourself science-based mindfulness curriculum designed and tested at Google. This voluntary program was so popular employees joined waiting lists to get in.

Tuesday March 17: Trust and Coherence
What role does trust play in creating functioning communities?

Raymond Phoon, a sales psychologist from Singapore will share how to improve sales using emotional intelligence. Certified Coach, Dawn Karnerwill share how to build emotional intelligence at the executive level. John Dare, an expert in organizational transformation, will discuss how to build leaders at all levels of an organization.

Wednesday March 18: Motivation and Meaning
How do we increase motivation and vitality in our lives and work?

Massimiliano Ghini,  Director of the Center for Innovative Management and author of The Vital Organization, will discuss the architecture of building people performance in organizations. Harvey Deutschendorf is author of The Other Kind of Smart, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. He will present a webinar on embracing and retaining new employees. Rich Hazeltine is Sr. Manager of Tech University at Zappos IP, Inc. He will address what kinds of leadership skills are needed for technical experts to be leaders of people.

Thursday March 19: The Power of Connection
How does emotional intelligence fit into our quest to forge stronger bonds in our communities?

Luigi Mazzolais an 8-time winner of the Formula 1 race as a test team engineer for Ferrari.
He will discuss how to build vitality in teams and organizations. Arturo Bejar is director of engineering for the Facebook Protect and Care team. He will talk about working to develop tools to help Facebook users be more empathetic in their online communications. Leadership coach Elad Levinson will address how to focus attention and build leadership.

Friday March 20: Imagination and Change
How can we use emotional intelligence to unlock our creativity and imagination to expand our view of what is possible?  

Michael Margolis, director of Story University, will show participants how to use storytelling to increase effectiveness and authenticity, and strategist Tim Alur will explore how to manage change in corporate settings using emotional intelligence.

To register for Vitality: www.6seconds.org/vitality/