ErgodyneErgodyne has announced today a new, leading-edge technology and product addition to the Chill-Its® Cooling Category: the Chill-Its® 6685 Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest. Providing a unique heat stress solution, the new dry vest employs a patented dry evaporative technology that keeps workers cool and dry during the summer season.

Constructed with an inner lining and an outer shell, the dry vest stays completely dry and durable but – unlike other cooling vests – remains lightweight even in the activation phase. Combining a patented technology that cools the body's core zones (both front and back), the dry vest boasts mesh material on the sides for increased ventilation and comfort. Workers will enjoy immediate and long lasting cooling relief with a max cooling capacity of 15°C // 59°F. When the vest is in need of a good wash, simply toss it in the washing machine at home (keeping the cap closed) – this will not compromise the cooling technology or life expectancy of the vest whatsoever.

"Cooling vests are known for not lasting very long and making workers feel damp," said Alsie Nelson, Ergodyne product specialist. "We've eliminated both of these issues using the patented dry technology. This vest will keep workers cool and dry while working in blistering temps for up to three days – a productivity game changer."

To activate (watch activation), flip open the easy-to-use watertight cap and fill the vest with 13-20oz. (400-600 ML) of water. Simply massage the vest to distribute the water throughout the shoulders and front – the inner membrane will absorb the water and cooling will begin immediately. 

"We've found something pretty special with our new dry vest," said Tom Votel, Ergodyne president and CEO. "Heat stress continues to be a real issue at workzones all over the globe, and we are constantly innovating to offer the best solutions that keep workers safe and productive in the most extreme conditions."

Ideal for those working where heat stress is a concern (both indoor and outdoor), Ergodyne's Chill-Its® 6685 Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest is available NOW at all authorized Ergodyne distributors. For more information, or call 800.225.8238 // +1 651.642.9889.

Key Features:

  • Provides immediate and long lasting dry, evaporative cooling
  • Fill vest with 14-20 oz. (400-600 ML) of water and squeeze upward to activate
  • Up to 3 days of cooling at 59° F / 15° C
  • V-neck zip closure
  • Easy-to-use watertight filling cap
  • Mesh side panels provide stretch for added comfort
  • Lightweight, durable and washable
  • Patented technology

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