Magid, a leading manufacturer and supplier of safety solutions and personal protective equipment (PPE), advances understanding of the new NFPA 70E Standards for electrical safety in the workplace specific to PPE. The Company launched educational tools, new moisture wicking AR/FR protective garments, and is relabeling all AR/FR garments to simplify compliance tracking to the new standard.

The new NFPA standards cover many topics and require companies to reevaluate their current AR/FR protection programs. Magid bridged the gap between regulation awareness and implementation through an educational webinar and infographic. The webinar was designed to fully clarify the PPE-specific requirements and the infographic provides a simple reference tool to help companies adopt the new standards.

“Companies with employees that work in arc-flash hazardous environments should be clear on how this new standard impacts them,” explained Magid Product Manager, Jennifer Walrich. “Our Magid safety experts made it a priority to identify and clarify NFPA 70E PPE changes so companies could spend more time ensuring workplace safety compliance rather than interpreting guidelines.”

The most significant NFPA 70E 2015 standard changes specific to PPE include:

  • The transition from HRC categories to PPE levels – matches arc rating to arc hazard requirement
  • Tuck in requirements – shirts must be tucked into pants, wrists and collars must be fastened
  • Balaclavas and hoods – arc rated balaclava or hood is now required at every PPE level
  • Non-melting clothing – any base layer must be made of all-natural, non-melting fibers

Magid’s new AR Defense™ base layer shirts and balaclava further support these changes. An expansion of the Magid FR™ protective clothing line, AR Defense base layer garments can be worn alone or combined with an additional outer layer. They offer moisture wicking comfort made with inherently flame resistant fabric.

To help customers manage the wide range of PPE in use and simplify PPE tracking to the new standard, Magid has added visible product labeling to all AR/FR clothing. We are removing any references to HRC levels and adding woven labels that indicate the protection offered by the garment. Magid FR – Flame Resistant, Magid AR – Arc Flash, and NFPA 2112 – Flash Fire. Dual-hazard garments will have a combination level with the highest level of protection visible.

Magid is committed to providing the best safety solutions at the best value to keep workers safe. In the past two years, Magid has introduced more than 500 safety products and value-added services to address customer challenges including compliance, accident prevention, injury reduction, cost containment and inventory management.

About Magid

Headquartered in Romeoville, IL, Magid is a leading manufacturer, importer, distributor and direct supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and value-added services for the industrial and consumer markets.  Magid safety solutions address customer challenges including compliance, accident prevention, cost containment and inventory management. A valued partner in safety to thousands of companies since 1946, Magid offers 700 of safety’s leading brands including its own signature Magid branded products along with 3M™, Ansell®, DuPont™, Honeywell, Carhartt®, MAPA®, MSA, Showa and many more. Visit or call 1-800-444-8030.