Innovative hand protection, an emulsion mist collector and a safety inspection app were the top occupational safety and facility safety products featured on this week.

Wells Lamont Industrial introduces its first ANSI cut level 5 palm dip gloves

Superior cut protection helps eliminate cuts and lacerations, the #1 cause of hand injuries

Wells Lamont Industrial, a worldwide leader and US manufacturer of hand and arm protection, introduces its first-ever ANSI cut level 5 palm dip glove with the FlexTech™ Y9216. With nearly 38% of time-off injuries coming from cut and lacerations, the Y9216 offers superior protection in industries such as metal fabrication, metal handling, metal stamping, automotive manufacturing, recycling & salvage and HVAC, where cuts are common.

New emulsion mist collectors offer high efficiency, low operating costs and 24/7 performance

A new line of Handte EM Profi emulsion mist collectors from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) offers the highest available collection efficiencies, plus the ability to run "24/7" for reduced maintenance, service ease and lower operating costs.

The new inspection app, Spotter, reduces inspection times by 87%

Envoc, an award-winning full service digital agency, has announced the release of their latest product, Spotter. Spotter is a customizable mobile tablet inspection app designed to streamline a business’s inspection processes providing significant improvements in preventative maintenance and process controls.