Bayco ProductsBayco Products, Inc announces a new rechargeable combination flashlight and floodlight that in addition to those dual operating modes adds dual magnets and integrated dual lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The new Nightstick® model NSR-2522RM LED Dual-Light Flashlight with Dual Magnets is now available for sale with a low average retail price of $99.95 and below.

Like other Nightstick Dual-Lights this rechargeable model features two separate light sources. The forward-facing flashlight places a 250-lumen CREE® LED emitter (rated 50,000+ hours) in a deep dish parabolic reflector to offer a beam range of 213 meters (698 feet). A separate 140-lumen side-mounted LED casts a broad but shorter-range unfocused floodlight. Separate switches on the body provide independent control over each mode & allows for Nightstick exclusive Dual-Light mode when both are pressed. Dual-Light mode provides both convenience and safety by illuminating both at a distance and close-up to help prevent slips, trips and falls.

Powered by two integrated Lithium-ion batteries on full charge can provide up to 12 hours of runtime in flashlight or floodlight mode, or up to 6 hours when both are on. The light comes complete with a charger that’s mountable on a wall or in a vehicle with both AC and DC power supplies.

Dual magnets allow “third hand” convenience for many tasks. One magnet is in its base and another is embedded in its full-size spring-loaded pocket or belt clip (on the side opposite the floodlight emitter). The clip magnet normally points the flashlight beam slightly inward, along the surface to which the magnet clings, which might be useful for chores like nighttime roadside tire changes; because of the clip hinge, additional materials may be placed within the clip to alter that angle.

The high-visibility red engineered polymer housing is waterproof (IP-X7 rated), impact-resistant (with a 2-meter drop rating) and chemical-resistant.

“To say we doubled-downed on features within the NSR-2522RM Rechargeable Flashlight is an understatement” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager at Nightstick. “The NSR-2522RM is nicely equipped as an independent 250 lumens LED flashlight, or as an independent 140 lumens floodlight, but it’s the combination for a total of 350 lumens in exclusive dual-light mode that really stands out. The two magnets on opposing surface planes provide smart hands-free use for safety while two integrated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries provide up-to 12 hours of runtime between charges for unprecedented convenience.”

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