Predictive Solutions announced today that its predictive capabilities are expanded from one general predictive model, known as the “Red Flag” model, to a suite of more than twenty different models.  

The Red Flag model, as part of SafetyNet – the leading safety software system for predicting and preventing workplace injuries – assigns a red flag to any projects, jobsites or work groups displaying a pattern in which an injury is likely to occur. As a result, these predicted injuries can be prevented from occurring. With the addition of several new models, customers can now choose the model providing predictions more closely aligned with their business.

“The differing models ensure that a particular model best suits an organization and its industry, culture, safety program, and more,” said Nicholas Bernini, manager of predictive analytics. “This will help our customers to predict and prevent incidents and injuries at their jobsites with even greater accuracy, ultimately keeping their workers safer.”

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About Predictive Solutions Corporation

Predictive Solutions Corporation, formerly DBO2, saves lives by predicting workplace injuries. Its safety software solutions help track, trend and analyze safety-related data. They also employ proprietary models that predict the likelihood, frequency and location of workplace injuries using its customers’ safety observation data. In addition, Predictive Solutions delivers consulting services that drive culture and process change within organizations to create sustainable workplace injury prevention programs. With more than 215 million observations and nearly 75,000 reported incidents from more than 15,000 worksites around the world, Predictive Solutions has emerged as an industry leader in predicting injuries before they occur. Predictive Solutions, based in Pittsburgh, Pa., was founded in 2001 and became an Industrial Scientific ( company in 2008. Its employees, along with those of its parent company, are dedicating their careers to ending death on the job in this century. For more information, visit

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As the global leader in gas detection, Industrial Scientific provides gas detection products and services that keep workers safe in hazardous environments. The company’s more than 700 employees in 25 countries are committed to preserving human life, and have dedicated their careers to ending death on the job in this century. Established in 1985 and headquartered in Pittsburgh (USA), Industrial Scientific also has operations based in Arras (France), Dortmund (Germany), and Shanghai (China), and provides technical services to customers from local service centers around the world. Industrial Scientific is the parent company to Predictive Solutions Corporation ( For more information, visit