PfannenbergPfannenberg is pleased to introduce PATROL model PA X 1-05, an audible alarm sounder with flashing strobe light. The device is particularly well suited to perform as a hazardous gas warning alarm when connected to the remote alarm relay of a toxic or combustible gas detector controller.

The nominal 100 dB sounder has an on-board selection of 80 different alarm tones and a maximum output of 105 dB - permitting its use as a notification appliance for evacuation purposes in noisy, industrial environments. The unit is also capable of producing a different tone for up to four unique events, allowing different tones for different gasses or one tone for warning levels and another tone for alarm levels.

Complementing the audible sounder is a bright, 5 Joule flashing Xenon strobe light to ensure visual alarm perception in noisy environments or where hearing protection is used. The light can be operated simultaneously with the sounder or controlled separately from it. A choice of lens colors further tailors the unit to suit the user’s preference. Typical lens color choices are red for combustible gas and blue for toxic gas.

Additional features include a robust, red or light grey ABS housing with IK 08 impact rating, NEMA 4X, and IP 66 ingress protection, and quick & easy installation with 3/8-turn captive fasteners. Wall, surface, or flush-panel mounting is accommodated as well as a wide range of AC or DC voltage powering options.

Applications include evacuation and warning alarms for combustible gas leaks in boiler and turbine rooms, ammonia leaks in cold storage and refrigerated food processing facilities, chlorine leaks in water & wastewater treatment plants, and hazardous gas leaks in pharmaceutical manufacturing & petrochemical processing plants.

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