A complaint that an employee had been partially buried when an excavation collapsed brought OSHA enforcement officers to a Glennco Excavating, Inc. construction site in Missoula, Montana.

OSHA cited Glennco Excavating for one willful, two serious, and three repeat violations. The employer was cited for lack of adequate cave-in protection, for not removing employees from the excavation when cave-in hazards were present, and for the lack of adequate training. Violations also include lack of head protection and failure to support undermined sidewalks and pavement.

Also cited: Labor Ready Northwest, a temporary staffing agency, which had three serious violations for lack of adequate training, no safe means of egress in excavations, and inadequate cave-in protection.

"Temporary staffing agencies and host employers share control over workers, and are therefore jointly responsible for their safety and health. These employers did not exercise their ultimate responsibility," said Art Hazen, OSHA's acting area director in Billings. "Just because you hire a temporary employee does not mean that you can assume that the temporary employer has addressed all safety concerns and requirements, and the same can be said for the temporary staffing agency."

OSHA initiated the March inspection at a Missoula construction site as part of its National Emphasis Program for Trenching and Excavations.

Proposed penalties: Glennco Excavating Inc. was fined $130,200 and Labor Ready Northwest Inc. was fined $21,000.