The LIFE StartSystem is a complete Emergency Oxygen unit with convenient case that holds an AED. The case has been newly redesigned to comfortably fit either the Philips Onsite or FRx AED, and the LIFE-O2 unit. It weighs 8 pounds, measures 12”x12”x13”, and is durable/water resistant. It comes with LIFE-O2 6&12 LPM “NORM” & “HIGH” regulator, which provides 15+ minute supply of Emergency Oxygen. The aluminum cylinder is disposable/replaceable (or refillable). Also included is the LIFE CPR Mask which universally fits Adult & Child. The LIFE StartSystem is intended for first-aid Emergency Oxygen administration and, if needed before fibrillation or after successful defibrillation. (Purchase Philips OnSite/FRx AED separately) Distributor Inquires Welcomed!

LIFE Corporation,, 800-700-0202