Impacto Protective Products Inc. (IMPACTO) a privately owned Canadian manufacturer and distributor of specialized personal protective equipment has acquired Safety Toes International and Safety Toes Europe, Safety Toes, an Ontario based manufacturer and distributor of Slipp-R rubberized safety overshoes. The purchase became effective January 25, 2016 and expands IMPACTO’s business footprint in the industrial ergonomics and safety fields.

Safety Toes will operate as a division of IMPACTO. Safety Toe’s customers should be assured of the continuation of a quality product and the technical support to which they are accustomed to. With the additional support from IMPACTO staff, Safety Toe customers will now enjoy regional support in North America, UK and Europe as well as having access to a large variety of related new products.

Contact information remains the same to ensure no interruption of service. Calls to Safety Toe are now routed through IMPACTO’s corporate office. Visit IMPACTO’s website for full details on the range of ergonomic products now available to all Safety Toe customers. Impacto Protective Products Inc.