Hydralert is the world’s first highly engaging, real time, non-invasive hydration testing and warning device for individuals.

Hydralert automates traditional manual hydration testing, assists in evaluating a groups’ risk of heat related illness and actively engages individuals in proper hydration habits via self-testing.

Smart disc hardware

The Hydralert hardware consists of the Hydralert smart disc, approximately the size of a hockey puck, and an easily mountable OLED screen. The Hydralert smart disc is placed at the bottom of a urinal with the screen mounted at the users’ approximate line of sight. As urine contacts the Hydralert smart disc the individual’s hydration range is read and displayed on the screen instantaneously via Bluetooth communication.

Digital display

The mountable OLED Bluetooth screen displays:

  • Hydration range (based on specific gravity reading – i.e. ‘Good dehydration up-to Severe dehydration‘
  • Fluid intake required to return to a ‘good’ hydration range – i.e. ‘Drink 500ml of water per hour‘
  • If dehydration levels require immediate action the screen display will provide feedback

Hydralert software

Hydralert records all data anonymously within the devices memory for later download and analysis. The Hydralert software allows all results to be easily retrieved via Bluetooth communication from the Hydralert smart disc to be tracked for: Time, Date, Hydration reading result and Location of sample.