Larson Electronics, a leading industrial lighting company, unveils a new 36 watt high output LED spotlight for the avid hunter and fisherman.

The HL-85-LED-CPR handheld LED spotlight from Larson Electronics is a lightweight, ultra rugged, ergonomic handheld spotlight that operates on 12-24 volts DC with an included sixteen foot coil cord terminated in a cigarette plug. This high output LED spotlight is constructed with seven Cree LEDs and features an advanced reflector and lens configuration to generate a 2,000 lumen light output. Drawing only 36 watts on a low voltage power source, this light produces a beam capable of reaching distances over 1,600 feet. The Cree LED units used in this light generate fifty-six lumens per watt and have a 70% lumen retention at 50,000 hours, giving them better efficiency and a longer operational life than traditional spotlights.   

This IP67 rated waterproof LED spotlight features an ultra-durable ABS shockproof polymer body, aluminum alloy light head housing, and an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. The unique shape and shallow contour of the 120mm reflector is paired with a convex lens and inset lens positioned to efficiently capture and project a focused beam of light while reducing light spillage. The pistol grip style, nylon handle has a no-slip textured surface to improve grip and has a conveniently placed push button so that the user can easily access the switch with the fore finger for quick on/off operation.

“This new handheld LED spotlight features specially selected Cree LEDs that have been chosen for their lumen per watt ratio and extreme longevity,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “The spotlight is equipped with a spring cord fitted with a cigarette lighter plug and is designed to operate with any 12-24V DC vehicle without any modifications.”

Larson Electronics specializes in portable industrial lighting equipment, high mast light towers, explosion proof light fixtures, power distribution systems, LED lighting and more. To view their wide range of products, visit them on the web at or call 1-800-369-6671 for more information. Larson Electronics will be attending the 2016 OTC show in Houston, Texas from May 2nd to May 5th. Visit them at booth 6716 to inquire about their lighting solutions for many industrial applications.