JJ KellerBecause hot work in any company can mean high-risk work, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., the leader in safety and compliance, introduces a new training program to safeguard employees and property from the inherent dangers. 

“Those ‘quick’ jobs, if done in prohibited or unprepared hot work areas, can result in devastating fires, explosions, injuries, and loss of life,” said Michelle Graveen, workplace safety editor at J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. “Training provides the operator, fire watch, and permit authorizing individual with the necessary understanding, knowledge, and skills to recognize hazards and perform their jobs safely.”   

Hot Work: Safety Operations Training features real-world industry professionals who drive home the dangers of hot work and the importance of using safe work practices. The program helps satisfy OSHA’s hot work training requirements (29 CFR 1910.252 and NFPA 51B). Key topics covered in the program include: the roles of the hot work operator, fire watch, and permit authorizing individual; the components of a hot work permit; ways to prevent hot work hazards, and how to arrange a fire-safe area for temporary hot work.

The DVD program includes a video, trainer guide, employee handbooks, trainer tools CD-ROM, and hot work permit tag. The program also includes two bonus videos: Hot Work: General Awareness for Affected Employees and Hot Work: Responsibilities for the Permit Authorizing Individual & Fire Watch.

The program is also available in Per View and Online Course formats. To learn more, visit JJKeller.com/115661.

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