In keeping with the brand's commitment to manufacturing high-quality products, Mount Vernon FR is focused on its Resilience® line of flame resistant fabrics, which are engineered to take durability to the next level. The fabrics will be featured at Mount Vernon FR's booth (#3424) at the NSC show, October 17-19 in Anaheim, CA.

Purpose-built to deliver significantly higher abrasion resistance, the new fabrics - Arapaho R, Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X - feature cotton blended with high-tenacity nylon or Kevlar for increased durability.

Mount Vernon FR is also entered in the "Best in Show" New Products Showcase at the NSC expo. Online voting is open now, so be sure to check out Mount Vernon FR's Hopi N2X and vote!

If you'll be attending NSC, you can go check out the products in the main lobby. This year, more than 100 innovative safety solutions will be on display.

N2X FR Fabrics

Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X fabrics are cotton blends with 25% high-tenacity nylon, which equals more durable flame resistant clothing that doesn't sacrifice comfort. With two times the nylon, N2X fabrics have been shown to withstand up to three times the abrasion compared to conventional fabrics. The higher nylon content also serves to aid evaporative cooling and faster drying times. 

Hopi N2X is an 8.5-ounce basket weave for maximum tear strength, making it ideal for industries that want lightweight, durable FR clothing with exceptional wear life. Navajo N2X is a slightly heavier version weighing 9.5 ounces, designed for flame resistant bib overalls or outerwear.

Arapaho R

Arapaho R is a 7.5-ounce cotton, nylon and Kevlar blend. The design of this fabric keeps the soft cotton near the skin and the durable nylon and Kevlar on the outside, making the garment feel soft and comfortable for the wearer, while maintaining a tough and highly protected exterior. With a durable exterior incorporating nylon and Kevlar, the fabric is perfect for industries requiring FRC that can stand up to intense wear-and-tear.