Industrial Scientific, the global leader in gas detection, is pleased to announce that Ventis™ Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors have been approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) for use in underground mines in the United States. All Ventis Pro Series instruments purchased with MSHA approval will ship with the following markings: MSHA30 CFR Part 22; Permissible for Underground Mines.

Ventis Pro Series instruments detect up to five gases and are ideal for mining applications because of their compact size and durability. Resistant to damage from water, dirt, and dust, the Ventis™ Pro4 and Ventis™ Pro5 are IP68 rated and carry a Guaranteed for Life™ warranty. Along with meeting the mining industry’s need for a rugged instrument, the Ventis Pro Series offers a number of features that improve worker safety and usability.

Panic and Man-Down Alarms: If a worker needs assistance or medical attention, pressing the panic button activates the audible and visual alarms letting others in the area know that the worker needs help. If a worker fails to move and acknowledge an alert within a preset period, the man-down alarm is activated letting anyone in the area know that the user is in distress.

Alarm Action Messages: Alarm action messages provide instructional text to let users know how to react properly when an instrument goes into alarm. These messages can be programmed for each alert/alarm setpoint to tell the user, in their native language, whether they should don a respirator, evacuate, or take whatever action is dictated by the company emergency response plan. Alarm action messages mean that an instrument user doesn’t need to be trained to interpret and understand the meaning of all gas readings. They simply need to read the display and heed the instructions.

Acknowledgeable Gas Alerts: Beyond the Low, High, STEL, and TWA selectable alarm levels found on most portable gas monitors, a fifth alert level has been implemented in the Ventis Pro Series that acts as an early warning below the low alarm setpoint. When the gas concentration exceeds the Acknowledgeable Gas Alert setpoint, the instrument will activate the alarm indicators to alert the user that he may be approaching a dangerous condition. The user can acknowledge and silence the alert while continuing to work. If the condition persists beyond 30 minutes, the alert is reactivated.

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