Effective immediately, Emergent Safety Supply is the exclusive distributor for Stub-EASE, a groundbreaking new product responsible for reducing injuries such as tripping, slipping and falling on conduit stub-ups, by safely removing stub-ups from a raceway, without any damage.

“Never in my twenty-five years of construction have I seen a safety product that benefits every single worker on the construction site,” said David Hood, Vice President of National Accounts at Emergent Safety. “Stub-EASE should be used on every job.”

Until now, conduit stub-ups had be universally accepted as a necessary evil in concrete construction applications. Previous methods of protection and awareness varied from spraying or flagging the stub-ups, to setting concrete blocks over them, only serving to highlight or hide the hazards on a raceway.

Stub-EASE allows the customer to keep future extensions of the conduit from projecting beyond the top of the concrete slab, by attaching to the embedded conduit via a threaded coupling. After the concrete pour, the HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) sleeve and support are cut down to the top of concrete elevation and left in the slab until the future raceway is ready to be safely extended into a wall cavity. At this time, the electrician can use a driver with standard size paddle bit on the plastic partition wall in the middle of the sleeve, to expose the embedded threaded coupling. The vertical extension of this raceway can now be threaded into the embedded coupling using a matching male threaded compression fitting.

“Our motto is “Whose life are we going to help save today?” As a safety-solution provider, Emergent is always looking for new and improved products for our customers. Stub-EASE is a great solution to a growing problem within the construction industry,” said Mary Porter, CEO of Emergent Safety.

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