OSHA survey demosShould OSHA stop setting standards – at least for the foreseeable future? Should the agency cease to exist on a federal level, and its responsibilities be performed by state OSH agencies?

ISHN put these questions to its readers recently in an online survey. The answers depended on who was answering. There was a definite split between respondents who identified as being in corporate management positions and those who said they performed safety-related functions.

Overall, there are significantly more respondents that disagree there should be a moratorium on all new OSHA standard- settings for the next 2-3 years. By job title, half of respondents in corporate management agree with such a moratorium.

By  the numbers

There should be a moratorium (a temporary prohibition of an activity) on all new OSHA standards-setting for the next 2-3 years

All respondents

  • Disagree - 46%
  • Neither agree nor disagree - 19%
  • Agree - 35%

Corporate Management

  • Disagree – 28%
  • Neither agree nor disagree – 19%
  • Agree – 53%

Safety-related functions

  • Disagree – 52%
  • Neither agree nor disagree – 15%
  • Agree – 33%

OSHA should be abolished and workplace safety and health regulation and enforcement should be turned over to the states.

All respondents

  • Disagree – 65%
  • Neither agree nor disagree – 17%
  • Agree – 18%

Corporate Management

  • Disagree – 53%
  • Neither agree nor disagree – 11%
  • Agree – 36%

Safety-related functions

  • Disagree – 67%
  • Neither agree nor disagree – 20%
  • Agree – 13%

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