The April death of a construction worker killed by a falling beam has led OSHA to fine the worker’s employer and to issue multiple health and safety citations. According to OSHA, the company overstressed the beam during a demolition project, resulting in the beam’s failure. A commission has been set up to review OSHA’s findings and determine whether the fines and citations will stand and what additional measures will be taken by the Illinois Tollway. 

47-year-old Vicente Santoyo was killed while working for Omega Demolition Corp. on the demolition of the I-90 bridge near Touhy Avenue. According to OSHA’s report of the events, he was cutting the bracing between two beams when one of them fell on top of him. Santoyo was among numerous workers injured in the incident, but the only one who died. OSHA determined that Omega Demolition was at fault for the incident and issued a fine for over $152,000 in addition to multiple health and safety citations.

OSHA’s regional administrator claimed that the incident was preventable and that the federal safety standards which apply to the prevention of overstressing steel structures were violated. This violation was determined to be the direct contributing cause to the incident and Santoyo’s premature death. Omega Demolition executives were set to meet with OSHA to discuss whether they intend to accept the citations and fines or to challenge the rulings before an independent commission.

The Illinois Tollway responded to the incident by suspending all projects involving Omega Demolition Corp. Different contractors have been brought in to complete the projects while the tollway awaits the results of OSHA’s investigation and the pending commission. While Omega Demolition is not allowed to work on any projects at the moment, the Illinois Tollway did state that the company would be able to place bids on projects in the future. A spokesman stated that any appropriate measures will be taken once OSHA completes its final report.

The general contractor for the project was also removed along with one of the engineer supervisors. Replacements have been brought in for this project, but no determination has been made concerning which contractors will be awarded projects going forward.