Rugs that always slip

Small throw rugs are pretty and can make an otherwise bare floor cozier, but many times, they tend curl up at the corners or slip. This in turn, can lead to you tripping and falling. Falling is the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related death over all age groups. To stay safe, secure carpets to the floor with appropriate backing or forego them altogether. Check out these home safety facts that could just save your life.

No bath mats or in-shower railings

Slippery tub environment can increase your odds of taking a spill. It's for this reason you should always use a bath mat and/or install in-shower railings. To help prevent slips, use non-skid mats or appliqués in the bath and shower. These act as a protective buffer between your bare feet and the slippery tub bottom.

Inappropriate padding and footwear on stairs

Hardwood floors and carpeted stairs don't pair well with socks. It's best to use non-slip adhesive strips on stairs, and to always wear appropriate footwear around your home—or socks or slippers with grippy soles—to improve traction and reduce the risk of falls. Ditch flip-flops, stockings, regular socks, and loose stair carpeting in favor of proper footwear and safer stair covering.

Source: Reader’s Digest