Machine guarding and oil spills are addressed by the top occupational and facility safety products featured on

Rockford Systems

“Best Safety Practice” for press users

Check that your punch presses, stamping presses and flywheel presses are safeguarded with Point-of-Operation Guards, Awareness Barriers, Light Curtains, Two-Hand Controls and Die Safety Blocks, as well as display Danger Signs and use Guard Opening Scales and Function Checklists.


Breakthrough in oil & fuel spill response

“Smoosh Packaging” enables 4,000% improvement in deployment speed

Mobile oil and fuel spills seem to happen when you least expect…a leaky diesel tank, ruptured hydraulic hose or electric transformer-oil blowout. The top priority is to contain the spill quickly to keep it from spreading. Unfortunately, most spill response materials are bulky and take up too much space. And, the first person on the scene rarely has enough supplies to hold the spill in check. So, the spill spreads until help arrives.

Rockford System introduces emergency-stop assembly

Prevents injuries to machine operators

Rockford Systems, LLC., a premier provider of machine safeguarding products and services, has introduced a new Cable and Push-Button E-Stop (emergency stop) assembly featuring a unique cam operation for faster positive stopping of metal working machines, yet is immune to nuisance tripping due to vibrations.