When it comes to protective clothing, each new year brings a variety of innovations and improvements. Workrite Uniform Company, a flame-resistant (FR) workwear manufacturer, predicts the following “Top 5” trends that will guide the FR clothing industry in 2017.


New technologies are continually being developed to improve the comfort of FR clothing. In the new year, watch for lighter-weight fabrics, vented styles, moisture-wicking properties and special features for enhanced mobility.


Many job environments present multiple safety hazards at once, resulting in a need for workwear that provides multi-hazard protection. Garments that offer a combination of FR protection and high visibility, as well as garments that combine flame resistance with chemical-splash protection, are likely to grow in popularity in 2017. This trend also applies to FR workwear that provides simultaneous protection against flash fire, arc flash and molten metal splatter.


With the number of women in industrial and fire service professions continuing to grow, 2017 is likely to bring an uptick in FR clothing styles designed specifically for women to provide a better fit, improve comfort, and maximize functionality and protection.


An increased focus on safety regulations, as well as heightened awareness of the importance of FR clothing, will likely lead to demand for higher-quality FR products. This includes clothing that provides better durability over time, is made by trusted manufacturers using materials from reputable suppliers, and offers guaranteed flame resistance for the life of each garment.


If workers like the way their FR clothing looks and fits, they’re more likely to wear it compliantly. As off-the-job clothing styles continue to evolve, FR clothing manufacturers will need to update their product lines to continue to provide newer, more modern options.

For more information on important safety standards and other educational resources related to FR clothing, visit www.workrite.com/fr-information. Founded in 1973, Workrite Uniform Company began as an early pioneer of flame-resistant (FR) clothing in America. Now, with more than 40 years of personal protective equipment (PPE) experience, Workrite Uniform is a worldwide leader in safety apparel.