At STABIL, the leading U.S. manufacturer of traction footwear for three decades, their mission is keeping people safely on their feet no matter what environment they are heading into. This mission has taken STABIL from the out of doors in ice and snow to turf traction and back indoors to slippery work surfaces in a variety of industries. To successfully fulfill their mission and continuously produce high-quality products for a variety of slippery conditions, product design is at the heart of the company.

As anyone who lives in the world of design knows, the best work is a combination of solid technical solutions + art. Whether STABIL products are needed to deliver traction on ice and snow or water, soap, ad oil, the carefully designed tread and outsole engages just after the metal traction, so users will not slip as they transition from one condition to the next. Each product is tested both in the lab and in the field to answer the following questions:

  • Is the height of the metal cleat right relative to the outsole tread?
  • Does the material hold up in the environment it lives in to ensure durability and therefore longevity?
  • Does the upper attach to the boot or shoe well?
  • And, of course, does the product look good? Is it pleasing visually to the user?

For STABIL, form follows function, which makes the product even more beautiful because we know it works!