SafeVision®, LLC, a leading provider of prescription safety eyewear and corporate eyewear programs, has expanded its lens treatment options to offer high quality ANTI-FOG COATING as an option on all prescription safety eyewear. Workers can choose this option to deliver all day comfort with all SafeVision styles. The ANTI-FOG COATING will allow workers to work fog-free in nearly any indoor or outdoor environment.

SafeVision has been in the forefront of meeting workers needs by introducing stylish and ergonomically designed eyewear for all talks. SafeVision is the leading manufacturer of wrap-around frames has designed specific frames to meet specific needs. Over the last years SafeVision has introduced Computer Safety Eyewear to combat Computer Virus Syndrome and had brought to the industry safety eyewear specifically designed with safety and design in mind for women needing ANSI certified safety glasses.

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