New developments in head and face protection and anti-amputation safeguards were among the top products featured on this week.


Woodhead® offers the largest variety of stringlights constructed for rugged, reliable service for industrial and commercial settings

Ideal for lighting large areas, Woodhead® stringlights are constructed for quick installation in a wide range of industrial settings. Easy-to-replace repair parts assure quick, convenient serviceability. Heavy-duty guards protect bulbs and electrical components, prolonging service life and reducing maintenance frequency and costs.


Honeywell Salisbury™ Premium Light Weight Lift Front Hood and Face Shields offer safety, comfort, CE certification

The new Honeywell Salisbury™ Premium Light Weight Lift Front Hood and Face Shields deliver industry-leading comfort and safety on the job — and CE certification.


Special compression now available in a full facemask

2017 Claudio Dente, President of Dentec Safety Specialists, is happy to announce the latest developments in respiratory comfort and effectiveness.


Introducing the new MSA/Miller welding system

MSA and Miller Electric Mfg. Co. are joining forces to manufacture welding shields and adapters that are designed for use with MSA hard hats.


How a simple safeguarding device prevents welding and riveting injuries

Detect-A-Finger® reduces amputations with failsafe sensing probe

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 5,000 American manufacturing workers suffer injuries involving amputation or limb loss every single year. In all, amputations rank in OSHA's top three serious workplace injuries.