Concrete professionals, builders, architects and others will see how decorative concrete can  be used in retail space in an enormous exhibit at World of Concrete called Decorative Concrete LIVE! Consisting of four individual buildings encompassing a plaza complete with a made-on-site concrete fountain, the display measures 78 feet long by 55 feet wide – nearly 4,300-square-foot retail space.

The buildings will feature walls constructed with insulated concrete forms (ICFs), concrete filled building blocks provided by Fox Blocks, although some spaces will be left unfinished – for a reason.

“Portions of walls and floors will be left undone so concrete professionals can demonstrate how to install and finish various applications,” says Bent Mikkelsen, organizer of Decorative Concrete LIVE! and publisher of Concrete Decor magazine, sponsor of the exhibit. Demonstrations will be held throughout each day of the show.

Treatments such as trowel-applied coatings, stenciled or embossed patterns and carved toppings will grace the walls while the floors will feature an array of stamped and stained concrete including textured surfaces that have been saw cut, carved, imprinted or broomed. “You’d be surprised at how creative you can get with a broom,” Mikkelsen says.

Products that contribute to concrete’s sustainability, such as vapor barriers, and durability, such as rebar, will also be covered, as will safety precautions and features that make walkways compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Look for Decorative Concrete LIVE! directly across from entry to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall in the Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Outdoor area.