Many people experience tightness and muscle tension after a full day on your feet. Anti-fatigue mats relieve muscle fatigue by stimulating blood circulation in legs with the support of an anti-fatigue mat beneath your feet.

Think of the multiple occupations of workers who stand for long periods of time without continuous motion to keep their blood circulating. Anti-fatigue mats provide a balance of comfort and support that stimulates the blood flow and increase a workers’ productivity.

Premium quality anti-fatigue mats provide the unique combo of soft cushion foam and support that provides resilience and bounce. The balance between support of the worker’s weight depends on the quality of the mat. The softness and support of the mat works together to balance proper weight distribution while reducing the daily stress impact on a worker’s joints. The support of a premium quality mat provides resilience and bounce that is also known as compression deflection. 

Worker productivity does not always increase dramatically just because an employer has installed high-performance, anti-fatigue matting. But these products help eliminate many of the work-related health problems caused by standing in one location for long periods of time — and these health problems can cause worker productivity to decline.
Making use of anti-fatigue mats
in work environments is an important part of the big picture when it comes to improving workers productivity and helps to reduce injury costs to employers.

Choosing an anti-fatigue mat

Measure your work flow environment to determine the length and size of your mat. Most matting manufactures can accommodate large work environments and offer custom sizes. Understanding the benefits to custom sized industrial anti-fatigue mats will help ensure safety and enhance overall worker productivity. Ask your facility safety manager to call your industrial distributor to request a free mat survey.

Identify your work environment

Is your work environment wet, dry or wet and oily? Understanding your work environment need will help you select the best anti-fatigue mat and ensure that your mat warranty is in compliant with its intended designed environment. Matting manufacturer warranties are only valid with initial proper use and proper installation. Normal wear and tear is not covered under most warranties.

It’s important to schedule mat inspections on a regular basis to maintain a safe working environment. Formalizing maintenance and setting a regular schedule helps ensure that mats are cared for on an ongoing basis and improves their effectiveness and longevity considerably.

The following are some signs of worn out anti-fatigue mats:

  • Curled or torn edges
  • Worn-down or slippery top surface
  • Compressed foam / no longer feels comfortable
  • Discolored or faded
  • Modular mats no longer stay connected
  • Mats shift or slide regularly

Since every facility is different, there is no designated time frame to replace matting. Instead, it is when one or more of the above signs are present. If you spot one or more signs of damage to a mat contact your safety supervisor or facility manager.