Benson Medical Instruments has extended the CCF-200 Fit Test for earplug fit testing with a new standalone version designed for occupational health and safety professionals. This standalone offering of the CCF-200 is called a System, and was developed in response to industry requests. The CCF-200 Fit Test validates employees’ use of earplugs, and can be used in a multi-station testing environment or on a one-on-one basis.

(Pictured above: Custom-Designed Deep-Cavity Headset for the CCF-200 Fit Test)

Previously the CCF-200 Fit Test was only available as an Expansion version for use with the CCA-200mini or CCA-100mini audiometer. The Expansion version of the CCF-200 allows occupational health professionals to integrate earplug fit testing with the annual hearing testing process. It also enables companies to share subject records between hearing tests and fit testing, as well as to fit test multiple subjects simultaneously.

Used together, the System and Expansion versions of the CCF-200 Fit Test allow multiple employees to be tested at one time. So in the time it takes to conduct one fit test, two or more employees can be tested. Multi-station testing reduces the overall time employees are away from work areas. In addition, it allows the hearing conservation professional to achieve greater efficiency in offering earplug fit testing services to clients.

In its standalone System version, the CCF-200 Fit Test provides audiologists and other occupational health professionals with a way of performing one-on-one fit testing for those who prefer this type of testing.

The new software release (Version 8.1) for the CCF-200 Fit Test offers more Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) calculations than were available previously, so technicians can better interpret earplug fit test results. Moreover, the optional Plus Package for the CCF-200 Fit Test offers users access to four new reports, the Report Builder, and the Export on Save feature. The Plus Package also allows for tracking of daily calibration records and adding company logos to reports.

“Hearing Conservation professionals can choose an earplug fit test system that meets their particular needs,” states Jim Teter, Sales Manager at Benson Medical Instruments. “The CCF-200 Fit Test and CCF-200 Plus Fit Test, now available as both System and Expansion instruments, allow for enhanced analysis and flexibility for occupational hearing programs.”

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