Last October, more than 40 people lost their lives in a rash of Northern California wildfires that burned more than 245,000 acres. In December, wildfires near Los Angeles forced more than 230,000 people to evacuate their homes. Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Utah also experienced large fires in 2017, making it a particularly devastating year for out-of-control blazes.

It may not be possible to prevent all wildfires, but it is possible to prepare for them and to mitigate their effects, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which is partnering with State Farm® to help people enhance their safety through the fifth annual national Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, on May 5, 2018.

Among the organizations' recommendations:

  • Remove pine needles and wood piles from near your home and on and under your porch.
  • Keep grass near your home mowed to a height of four inches or less.
  • Establish a home evacuation plan for your family and put together a 72-hour survival kit. Don’t forget to build an emergency kit for your animals
  • Contact your local Office of Emergency Management and ask about registering your cell phone to receive emergency notifications on mobile devices.
  • Work with neighbors to develop a phone tree that can be used to alert everyone about a fire or evacuation.

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