The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA®) is pleased to announce they have received two dotCOMM awards, a Platinum award in for their second IH Heroes comic On the Fly and a gold award for AIHA's Annual Report.  

The latest in a series of IH Heroes comic books, illustrated by Klaus Scherwinski, On the Fly was developed by AIHA to further demonstrate the exciting world of industrial hygiene. The storyline, developed by Ben Rome, AIHA's Marketing Manager and a team of AIHA members, follows IH Heroes, Marcus and Stephen when they are called in to investigate a train derailment for a possible toxic gas leak. These IH Heroes show how industrial hygienists use technology and ingenuity to save the day and AIHA hopes that these comics will inspire future industrial hygienists to pursue the profession. AIHA won three dotCOMM awards in 2017, which included one Platinum for the inaugural edition of the comics series.

"While we gave Klaus the necessary guidance to make the comics work from the technical perspective of an IH professional, we also gave him lots of freedom artistically," said Rome. "It has been so exciting to see this idea come to fruition thanks to the collaborative efforts of our staff, volunteers, and designer."

It had been over a decade since AIHA produced an Annual Report. According to Sue Marchese, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, "With the goal of increasing communications with the membership, we decided to bring back the concept of an annual report, but with a modern twist: make it a concise "state of the association" report, complete with a financial health snapshot and summary of the past year's successes and milestones." It was designed and by Jim Myers, AIHA's Senior Manager of Technology Initiatives and Production. 

"We focused the report design around AIHA's ongoing 'I Am IH' membership campaign theme. The callout boxes, real faces of our members, and vibrant colors are all aesthetics that grab your attention and make you feel like you are part of the IH Heroes' important work."

The dotCOMM Awards is an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication. dotCOMM entries come from corporate communication departments, public relations firms, digital shops, advertising agencies and freelancers. Entrants include designers, developers, content producers, digital artists, video professionals, account supervisors, creative directors and corporate executives.

About AIHA®

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